Thursday, June 16, 2011

new terrains

(for Gail 1957 - 2011)

adventurista, outdoor child, sunburned laugh
at the helm of your truck
that you rode
from (& to) those great places  ...

is a pillar stronger  
for being set
on two wheels?
        ... perpetual rotations of family; circles of love
        ... the continua of the comradely spirit
on the gravel road
cycling along, the
pleasures and exertions
of the circular world

children,  always there
in the comfort & velvet & lived-in texture  
of the hearth(s)
kids always around
on the edges
huddling, talking, playing, evaluating
forming new centres
& we the knots of restlessness
in the corner of the eye

kids ... prime in space & time & new dimensions
kids leaning comfortably
on the pivot

debates & conversations, gritty and spirited
the chatter ...
at food-laden tables;
 intently, eyes & laugher
       peeling away the stories
       of schools, book clubs & holiday places
eyes & words      
       tugging at
       the tangled tendrils
      of government policies

we, observed by drinking glasses
the rims
moistened by
the last drops of wine

ah, water-diver
lead us
from Lindani/Welkom/Sakatia
 the bluegreen beyond, to
 new & pink-streaked worlds 

to new terrains, just up ahead ...

Frank Andrew

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