Sunday, June 19, 2011

in her eyes

in the pearl
of her eyes
beneath a face
in equal parts
weatherbeaten, and
carefully nurtured
before the mirror’s gaze
in a dimly lit room
ah, tamea!
been here, been there
seen much action
the hemispheres of love & hurt

wear & tear
vein out of place
un-oiled cough
a reset bone
aching (she said)
when the chill winds blow

love, so close
in blustery brittle bold blessed moments
so close, momentarily, then
slipped away

hidden tattoo
conceals emotions
deeply set

i saw her that night
under flickering lights
briefly, on my way to an old theatre
old, surviving, hanging on
against measly audiences
there, in the downtown district
on the border between inner and outer city
we spoke, because she knew me
we talked, smiled, said goodbye

Frank Meintjies

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