Wednesday, January 23, 2019

India: walking with the swami

our teacher waited
for us
fellow seekers and I
at tiger's rock, jamalpur

here, long ago, the swami's walk 
with the venerable master
grew to edges of the sky
to the hem 
of infinity

further inland: at ananda nagar
a large tract of land
‘vibrating rocks.’ the teacher says
place of hope and aspiration
being present and connected
amid sweltering heat
dwellings made of cow-dung bricks
against nature

at the ashram
cleansing steps: wash feet and arms in ‘half bath’
tin doors clang
mosquito nets willow and billow 
heat quivers and water dries quickly 
wind sips 
from squirting shower

a small girl with krishna eyes 
red dot on brow, small hands
the aunty's helping hand;
a smile as she colours the stoep
a deep red

this is how 
we made our way

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