Sunday, February 18, 2018

The storm

lightning flares, a phosphorescent scar
a Jedi sword
of galactic proportions
pile driving/slashing/talking/linking
 into grey of sky, & then
a massive bang, like cracking earth

raindrops pelting; two
& five rand coins
zing bare skin; bend leaves

wooshing trees
raking wind
    the quivering branches
    the brushed grass

small & big pulses .... flash& boom
call & response
a jazz-rock mixture
written in the sky, in the
folds of my heart

later, an eastward drifting
of stygian clouds
a soft roar, whirring rain
pours forth like purple slush
daylight stirred                                          
into a soup

here, where vainly
i seek cover …
i notice
the bark’s abrasiveness,
its brown
deeply darkened

a degeneration of
this leisurely stroll
into moist abandon/water-lit brows/glistening lips

back on street
I take small steps; then
glance back
steps …

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