Sunday, December 24, 2017


a motorbike
soars through the sky

a beret turns green, red, black
that glance off
the rising moon
the waning sun

a guitar becomes a
kalashnikov; a kaloshnikov becomes
a guitar
a t-shirt, a flag fluttering its redness
above green fields
& corralled horses; against
coral-coloured sunsets

for a short while
(just for when
you pass by, overhead)
borders open up
mountain ranges flatten
the sea divides, revealing pathways

back in buenos aries
you commune
with eva’s ghost; the generals
have nightmares
as they watch …  

a tango of silhouettes

an accordion
speaks from a twisted mouth
words go
this way and that - amused, emphatic;
nimble fingers
blue green blue & dripping red
streak their paints
across the expanse
of wispy blue

now and again
pathways cross
yours and
victor jarra, thami nyele, youcef sebti, nadia vera, el sadaawi, brother hugh
now and then the patterns cross
you and i
you and ordinary folk, in their numbers
in free and battle nodes, in zones of light and dark
talking late into the night
we meet, along
pathways and veinlike-patterns of the heart    

Nov 2017

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