Sunday, August 21, 2016


(for elaine rosa salo)
from the palms of those hands
so much blooms: feisty voices, uprooters, minds that will spark & glow & arc 
over day & night skies

they new ones will go on
themselves sprouting small truths, larger narratives & thorns
to pierce
the hollow certainties

justice is a house built by many
but some, like you
add beautiful touches, ones that sparkle
that sing in the mind

you walked the cobbled footways 
(that were) trod before  by
bell hooks, lorde, edward said, chomsky,
mamdani, cornel, sontag, alice walker

and from africa 
your walked with your a to z of thinkers
from ama ata via fatima mernissi through
wangari maathai
and ending on zubeida masabo

how can we keep walking
the a to z
this freedom trail, this underground railway?

today: thought, reflection, resilient humanity
bubble & brew
warmth (created from ingredients in busy neighbourhoods &
close communities)
like twirling vapour
from cups of tea

in this place of memory, in your presence
love & thought are
interwoven & enmeshed    like
tree & creeper
swells & sea
wind & flight

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